Thursday, November 27, 2008

HI !!!!!!!!!! FROM LONDON!!!!!!#
alright if I am typing oddly, it's because the enter key and the hash key are really clos etogether and my fat fingers cannot properly traverse them. SO!!! Today is ... thursday, i think, we got here yesterday morning at like 6:00 am, which was cool, and the underground is very fast and rickety and everything is vry cold.
so! so! my flights were full of food (vegetarian food is fun on planes i learned) and cake and babies .. so many babies on our planes... but most of all they lacked sleep and i watched sex and the city movie and abuot 40 episodes of that and some show about criminals called criminal minds, which really was not very good. i even watched family guy. the person next to me(a middle aged british man) got very amused by Creature comforts and was chortling a lot which was distracting. soooooooo anyway we caught the tube (which cost 4 pounds, mmmmmmmmmmmmm pounds) to bayswater after i took us to several wrong stations .. and put our luggage away (paddington/notting hill/whatever is very cool i like it. but i like everything here)
so THEN after that we went and had some enormous thing called an english breakfast which mum was convinced was a tin of tea but really it was heaps of fried stuff. so.....we had that...and then we went to london eye (but not on it), big ben, st james park, buckingham palace, trafalgar square, national gallery, somerset house, covent garden, admiralty arch..
st james park had squirrels. and i now want one as a pet/best friend/partner in crime. there were so many! and they are really fat. so cute!! so cute!!!!!! i wish i were a squirrel.
i've just remembered i need to go upstairs again and get my map. ugh
anyway. so london eye was moving a little bit and very slowly and that was really all there was to it. big ben was ..big... st james park, as aforementioned, had squirrels, but it was VERY PRETTY but maybe not as nice as hyde park where i'm about to go. anyway. uhhhh. buckingham palace was bigger than anything ever( everything here is quite big. or maybe i shrunk on the plane?) trafalgar square was ENORMOUS, seriously, the lions at nelsons column were pretty much aslan's brothers (from another mother as mark would say) . ... also pret a manger, whatever that is, was on like 3 of trafalgar square's 6 corners. which seemed excessive. and mcdonalds is a bit weird and pretentious here, situated in terraces and cafe facades etc? it's mcdonalds??!
somerset hous was of course AMAZING, AMAZING i cannot wait to go ice skating there, there was a huge tree with ice skates on it as ornaments (fake ones, or it would be dangerous. obviously). also we went to the royal courts of justice.... where i will WORK one day. being a lawyer ETC.
and then covent garden, which was pretty much a let down. except i bought ear muffs. but i could buy them anywhere really, covent garden just had footballers scarves and that's not cool . i saw an american apparel and for the first time in my life resisted going in........ good on me i say. national gallery had some amazing picture but i forgot the artist and the name so mentioning it is fairly futile/
i cannot remember anything else we slept from like 4pm ------> 6 am (with a 1am WAKEUP, hi, hi) and now i am hungry for a banana themed breakfast ... so i will walk down to bayswater road and go visit my best friend peter pan in hyde park. okay . so bye bye sydney friends!!! and maybe edinburgh / york / other friends if you are reading this and getting super excited!! (not as excited as me.)
i am going to everywhere ever today and want to have cider at the swan tonight GOD im so excited for cider. it sounds so good. anyway bye bye. xxxxxxxx
ps. it is like 2 degrees.

Monday, November 24, 2008

are you there god? It's me, margaret

well its now 10:35pm, i have to wash the dye that's still on my face (cool look) off and brush my teeth and clear my bed, but other than that i am PACKED + reADY-times!!!!! Vivienne is coming over tomorrow morning I think, hopefully to give me a large wad of cash but failing that she might entertain me among the crazy Pattinson holiday havoc!! 
so now I have to go do those things, good news in that my ipod is finally synchronising, bad news in that I ate vegemite toast, "Australian blend" tea and a lamington in a bid to cement my food loyalty to Australia and as a result feel very sick. but the sickness must also be a bit of excitement!! maybe even a lot of it!!
so i will talk to you all soon, i am sure you are all (well, some of you maybe not because you are at the formal) thinking of this next entry that i will write with bated breath, well, ME TOO..

we leave tomorrow

i am web checked in!! HI WORLD!