Monday, November 24, 2008

are you there god? It's me, margaret

well its now 10:35pm, i have to wash the dye that's still on my face (cool look) off and brush my teeth and clear my bed, but other than that i am PACKED + reADY-times!!!!! Vivienne is coming over tomorrow morning I think, hopefully to give me a large wad of cash but failing that she might entertain me among the crazy Pattinson holiday havoc!! 
so now I have to go do those things, good news in that my ipod is finally synchronising, bad news in that I ate vegemite toast, "Australian blend" tea and a lamington in a bid to cement my food loyalty to Australia and as a result feel very sick. but the sickness must also be a bit of excitement!! maybe even a lot of it!!
so i will talk to you all soon, i am sure you are all (well, some of you maybe not because you are at the formal) thinking of this next entry that i will write with bated breath, well, ME TOO..

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