Thursday, December 25, 2008

(i wish that they were all) california girls

10.30 pm in london christmas day. OKAY . okay. HI!!!
so since we last spoke stuff has happened in the way of my birthday, and christmas, and general misdemeanours.
well since that blog post that i posted Joe and I went out on oxford st but absolutely everything was closed and it was bad times and then in the morning I threw a big tantrum (sorry) but IT TURNED OUT OKAY and I got a claddagh ring from Hugh and sue and a squirrel ring (but not a marriage ring from either hugh sue or joe or mark - idiots) from joe and it was good times!! !
for morning tea we went (me and joe and billy) to a cafe for coffee, then joe and i went to patisserie valerie in covent garden at which we at eour own body weight in buttery snacks (lemon tart, strawberry tart, croissant and jam, coffee, and vanilla milkshake) and joe bought a gingery friend for rog skilton, his dad, but it got broken and that wasn't good really BUT THE REST OF IT WAS, following in our fondly established pattern of eating so much that we couldn't move. so then i went over to notting hill gate to my parents apartment thing, and found out that my hilarious father had serously contemplated going to kings cross to observe me and joe and so that is really weird and odd and scary but he didn't so i guess it's ok. so then for lunch we went to the national portrait gallery and to the portrait restaurant on the top, and i had an annie liebovitz cocktail and christmas food, and generally got big and fat and chubby as is my favourite activity. BUT IT WAS BEAUTIFUL you could see trafalgar square, big ben, the eye, and across central london and we sat RIGHT near where clive owen and julia roberts sat oh YES COOL. yum. closer.

then after that i can't really remember anything so i guess i came home and lay down and expired like the old man i am. oh i guess we walked through regent st and stuff, and i went to uniqlo ahhhhhhhhhhhh i am bad and um yeah then we came home.

the next DAY we went on the london eye YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THAT WAS GOOD GOOD GOOD and pretty and then went to the globe which was not so good but a good experience OF COURSE, tried to get some LEAR TRINKETS but failed; i took mark to cyber candy and was buying big red (and tried to get little buckets of lucky charms for 1 pound 70 p but they were all sold out!!! SAD!!!! wanted to give as gifts, heartbreak) and warheads and butterfinger blah blah and mark had a big tantrum and threw a jumbo -size hot dog made of mallow on the ground and started crying so that was mildly humiliating/bad.

OK then we went to MAOZ and stuffed our faces but it was like 10 pounds and i dont know why (U) HEART BREAK. and i went to the nice spirits store and got absinthe and sake THAT WAS FUN as the guy was weird and asked me about wales in the summer because he thought i was from there? WTF? ANywaYAFYFyff then LATER ON , mum and mark and dad all had a fight so we went home. love that fam.

so um

yeah then the next day was the 23rd, when we just shopped all day and i went to american apparel and gap with dad and i HATE MONEY ITS BAD . NOO . NOOoo also that was the day i first had m&S chocolate raisins, oh my god, anyway uhhhhhhhhh. . .. . . so
we went to the tower of london then too , & tower bridge and umm

221b baker st yesterday, and yeah then we jsut got christmas food and i went to artbox and got penguin earmuffs and hello kitty gloves (my xmas presents) and generally felt not-so-festive-at-all. ummm then i went for drinks and had strawberry beer MMM fun tTIMEEMESS

my typing is bad because i feel UNENTHUSIASTIC

so today was christmas, i wokeu p to an episode of friends, and then we went for a really long walk to harrods sand SHIT, and hyde park, yes also after that we had christmas dinner which was EPIC and i ate basically a whole pudding, disgusting , then we also had chocolate and champagne and fruit and now i want to vomit just thinking of it. also i had really bad PAIN IN MY WOMB . : ( so i had to sleep away some of harry potter watching time , heartbreak, ummm

then ........ !!!! THEN!11.... we went walking down portobello road in a father-daughter bonding session and bought kiwifruit. OK hi kiwi fruit it was all squashy and bad. and ummm

watched bad tv

AND THAT WA CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE NOW .

Saturday, December 20, 2008

HELLO THERE INTERNET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is now only (im beginning to write this at 10.48) an hour and twelve minutes until my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! BIRTHDAY TIEMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CURRENTLY i am sitting in london having internt fun on a canadian friend's laptop while joe listens to his ipod next to me, hi joe, hi,. we are going to go for a drink at midnight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHEN IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! HI!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a lot to say now

errruu, SO. after eastbourne, we went to DEVON and devon castle and some french person pointed at my face and made a vomiting sound which was actually pretty mean and mark thought it was funny but it wasn't. also i got a penny and i was trying to get one that said "my lucky penny"; i mean i got a penny flattened not just got one that would be weird. but anyawy i got one that was emblazoned with the army logo which im not really INTO TBH not being british and all. so that was devon castle, it was relatively cool, in terms of castles that are entirely close because it's winter.

then um the next day we went to canterbury and leeds castle in canterbury and just did jaunty family things like eat in good places and speak about cool things and otherwise get everywhere by automobile. so..... THEN on the 12th i stayed the night in london by myself which was really cool. i stayed in bolsover st which is right near like forty tube stations, mainly oxford circus and gt portland st AND i ate a chocolate twist and went to chinatown and did really cool things like that i guess. SO, so...

then after that on saturday morning i went to get my train to chester but SHTI DEAL it was cancelled so i got really scared and flooding in northern england ruined my day, fucking hell, so i caught a train to derby then to crewe THEN to chester and got there at like four thirty and joe had been waiting for about ten years and he was cold and tired and i felt mean but ALSO its not my fault. i hate trains.

so ummmmmmmmmm then we went to our hostel in chester which was pretty dire because it was like a pub with beds in it and there were no windows. so... we walked around and ate mcdonalds and then came back and watched some friends i guess. then the next day we went to the river and went to this cool shop called sweets from heaven and saw cool snowman cakes and ... did chestery stuff, and then had marks and spencer food and then napped and watched more friends but a scary guy told us to turn it off so then we did, BAD TIMES, he was weird, and we watched 8 mile and i felt sick, i hate eminem. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

then we went to manchester, and it was REALLY REALLY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD. on the first night we got there and like walked aorund the shops and it was really amazing and went to this cute little pub called the circus tavern which had pictures of old men on the roof and we made friends with a canadian guy staying in our room called Billy ma and he is here at the moment (but sleeping). um, then after that joe and billy got food and we bought lots of jam donuts....but they weren't very nice. then the next day after we spent what may well be all the money in the world ever to exist in the shops (i got a polar bear dress and we found this amazing shop called oaklahoma which was just ARGHh the best place ever it makes me sad i dont own it) and a really good cafe called the art cafe, or gift, or something, which was SO pretty; we went to a bar that hannah told us would be good called the temple bar, and its sort of down some stairs from the street and just a tiny room (apparently it used to be a public toilet - but it does not smell of toilet at all.) anyway when we got there by odd and crazy chance which is maybe peculiar to the city that we were in, bryony who is friends with hannah and joe was sitting there (she lives in manchester) and so we got to see her (toilet, though, --we thought maybe a bomb shelter. no toilety qualities.) then when THAT closed we went to retro bar, slightly disappointing in comparison to a really weird offer of going to someones house and smoking weed but he was being REALLY weird and saying "it's fine if you come..." and sort of shrugging his shoulders and closing his eyes like we were meant to know what that meant, all the while talking about how his girlfriend was in bed and how we might wake her up. so i guess that (FOR SOME WEIRD REASON) fell through, and then we went to retro bar which was bad but in a really fun way because we were with fun people.. also there was a coronation street machine thing near my head that i got to look at. COOL. so then everybody except me and bryony went outside just before last orders at 2 and we were there and this horrible pale person who looked like stephen hawking came over after doing some very unsafe head movements in our direction and started talking to us AHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. he was a maths teacher, my favourite. but he left and we left and it was okay and then in the morning, well, the most morning we have had (lots of sleeping) we went to this nice cafe called cup where joe had two (2) banana milkshakes because he is auditioning for the biggest loser, and we had super good chicken avocado snack type sandiwchy things. ... and there was a GOOD owl tea set there but i am too poor and it was marked as sold. so then after that we went and got our train to cambridge, but the whole idea of going to cambridge is that it was just a really nice stop on the way to london, but the train went TO london and then we had to fuck around on the underground with suitcases and transferring and i am NOT INTO THAT and neither is joe so we just came to our hostel in london a day early. fun times

SOOooooooooooooooooo london um
the FIRST night we were in london we walked down the south bank, and it was GOOD we bought sugar roasted peanuts AKA edinburgh food but pretty good anyway despite inevitable london surcharge. so then we walked past this huge table complx full of second hand books which was pretty COOL and also back over millenium bridge and saw oxo and st pauls and that kind of pretty night time

then i guess we came home and went to sleep after we went to oxford st because i have a blank memory thereafter, the next day was pretty cool we got chocolate croissants and coffee at a cafe really near here and then went to beyond retro with elle from edinburgh (joe's graphics friend) who is really elle from london i guess, but thats a really good shop in soho that i bought too much in :-( and joe bought a bad boy jacket and is going to quiff his hair soon i guess im a bit worried.....SOOO with her we went to mr taro, which was GOOD sushi, yuuummemrmrmmrm and then walked aorund and saw good london times and saw (but it was shut) cyber candy in covent garden!!! WHICH is good

then the next day, aka yesterday we saw cookie who lives in 502 at edinburgh and is again actually a london girl, we went to the tate with her and her friend alice and then got a bit bored so we went to cybercandy which is saDMSMDSOMFgsgopimsgpas the best and theeennn we went and had chinese food in chinatown where there were a rather festive group of men who were very drunk and being watched by an actual squadron of restaurant many waiters......UM then last night we ate a whole lot i guess and read and generally were really old people, OH and when we were eating (fattening up in some peoples cases) we saw billy ma (our manchester roommate) WHO broke all the handles off his bag so had to drag it around like a corpse which is sort of funny but also very annoying (But not for me, i dont have to drag it)

ummm then today we woke up late walked to soho but that took about seven thousand years because a certain person who "cant deal with that T H shit" (ie says Uvver instead of other) thought he knew where soho was but really didnt and got us sort of close i guss. ANYWAY so we got compltely lost and then went to this REALLY good food venue (i do love food and i was wearing my food themed tshirt today) called maoz which had felafel and vegetarian GOODNESS and SNAPPLE we ate that and then walked around groaning like the chubsters that we are slowly morphing into and then joe bought absinthe and i strongly contemplated strawberry liqueur i might go back and get some MEBBE. and SO after that we

WENT TO SOMERSET HOUSE but sadly the snowflake necklace which i wanted was 110 pounds, SHIT DEAL 4 ME, and joe wouldnt buy it (what kind of friend is he? that is what i would like answered.) so i bought a hummingbird bakery cupcake which was GOOD. and it was NICE except they were playing u2 and not sufjan like i always dreamed of :-(

MMMMMMMMMMMMMM and in 45 minutes now it is my birthday and so tomorrow morning before we leave we will have some sort of delicious and very bad breakfast at patisserie valerie to celebrate MY AGEING i am getting closer to 50.

SO ANYWAY AS HAS JUST been specified , we are going out for a drink at midnight hopefully at many old man filled venues so i can make a new boy pal (or man FRIEND as it may be) and i will generally have uber fun and see you all in not that long and i love you

OH PS i got into my course EVERYBODY
pps i hope you all did too
ppps our school came third is everybody happy/sad/glad?


Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm in EASTBOURNE which is like our BRIGHTON HOME-BASE, watching some ridiculous pop music channel with my brother and i have eaten six clementines today.
today we went to brighton, to the pier and the pavilion and the lanes, and also winchester and the puddles were glassy and ice and lovely. so tonight we have had a massive dinner and im about to pass out from over feeding. but i will C U ALLS soon. x


Hello all, sorry for the late update and not being loyal to my travel-blog!

But when you all hear how much fun I have been having you will (hopefully) forgive me.

Just so you know I am writing this at (right now) 8.27 pm on the 8th December 2008! At Marwell Zoological hotel. Which is animal themed!! COOL!! As everybody knows I love to be animal themed!!

Anyway. So. I have a fair bit to catch up on. But I think it might be a lot easier to go backward because the last week has been so,so,so,fun and excellent that I am just overwhelmed.

So I have just come back into this “leopard themed” , judging by the mugs, hotel room, with my mum, dad, brother and SELF now after talking to my dad for about 2 hours in the pub and having some beautiful irish apple cider. Cider is my best friend. I love it. We also had some chips but they weren’t as good as the cider. So, backtracking from there, this morning I woke up and was very very sad to be leaving beautiful Edinburgh!! Where beautiful friends and fun times live!! But so be it.. this morning (Monday) was my last day there (but not for long I WILL BE BACK ) and I woke up earlier than usual and went and got a chilli chicken and cheese Panini from this cool sandwich shop with my new partner in crime joe. (we don’t actually commit crimes but we do star in a tv series. Well, I wish we did, anyway). Ps joe this morning I watched you sleep for a little while. I’m sorry for being a creep. He will probably never talk to me again now as a result of the relentless Tell All Blog that I am currently writing. Well, I should tone it down. Weehhhhhhhhhhhhweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. That was me toning down. Hi!!! So. So. Today I went on the train from Edinburgh Waverley to London Kings Cross with my massive beast of a suitcase. GOD I hate my suitcase I wish I just could wear my onesie all the time. But social decency demands I don’t. anyway then I had to catch the tube but SAD TIMES I lost my oyster in Edinburgh . god. So I had to pay 4 pounds because I didn’t want to walk up the stairs and buy another card. Ooooooooooooops. But I will buy another when im back on fri-fri. so!!! I paid four pounds for that and then was like, well, why not go on a spending spree, so I bought a bagel and a fruit salad and some water and now am going to smash through the bunk bed down onto mark and kill him in the night with my enormous dead-weight. Sorry in advance mark.

So on the first leg of my train was a really lovely woman who talked to me the whole time and I told her about my new favourite outfit – the polar bear romper suit with ears from M&S that I want to buy for my bebe, and she told me about her life and she was just generally cool and offered me some kit kat and I said no and felt mean but I was feeling chubs. So , anyway, then I got off at London blah blah and the second leg I was mauled by some humungous beast who was trying to sit on me but I don’t want to talk about that, I would prefer to block it out of my memory for ever, so shh. Anyway. Then I got off and my dad was really excited to see me ! (WHO WOULDN’T BE) and then my mum ate a packet of quavers. So that’s today. Whewwwwwwwwwwwww only about twenty billion more words to go, settle in guys.

This is actually going to be a bloody essay sorry.

Uhh. So, I will begin Edinburgh week at the beginning because going backward will probably make me cry with happy memories and sadness that I am not there with the coolest people ever. Well I don’t have THAT many feelings but I do have a fair few. Uh. So on Monday (a week ago today !! ! ! hoho!! ) I got up early early in London .. and caught the tube from Paddington to kings cross st Pancras and said BYE SUE (she said bye lizzy in response) and then caught the train to Edinburgh at 1100 AMZ. Then!!!!!!!!! THEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at the other end was JOE which was probably the coolest thing ever to happen in the world. Well him being there was quite cool, I’m probably exaggerating though. Anyway so then we went and had coffee in café nero and I put my stamp on his card because I am a nice person and he spilled coffee all over his saucer which I guess is a bit weird but he has his own blog in which he is welcome to explain spilling stuff. Clumsy. Anyway then we went home and drank cranberry juice…………………..which is pretty nice here, different, but nice. Then um I met his WONDERFUL FAMILY OF FLAT-MATES, 502!! (and 406,503,307) which involved EMMA and ALICE and ZOSIA and VERA and CARA and DAN and COOKIE and ELLE. And so then in the process of meeting all these people we went to this nice place called the library bar at which I had pear cider. MM CIDER. And they had board games on the walls and book shelves everywhere and it was just generally amazing and Joe had some crazy drink that I forgot but I guess I don’t need to remember……………… okay.

Then on Tuesday uhhhhhh. Joe and Elle had fun screen printing times to complete so I watched gossip girl most of the day which was fun and I went to tesco and bought raspberries, soup, and nesquik and then Joe came back and I went to an exchange talk with him which was really awful because some person said Australia was like a land of caves and generally crap. It is pretty bad sometimes but I don’t live in a cave as far as I can tell. And don’t be misrepresenting me ETC. so dan Joe’s Australian flat-mate didn’t like that either so we made some angry eyebrow gestures. Anyway after that I went to the screenprinting room with joe and elle and they did their prints (which were cool I THOUGHT) and then we came home and joe was meant to do work for his crit on Wednesday but we just drank coffee and I can’t remember what else but not much work was done but that’s cool because when do I come over? NEVER is the answer so my company is super important always.

So then Wednesday was here! Hi Wednesday. What did I do on Wednesday? Sorry if this sounds really idiotic but I’m thinking as I type and I am evidently a massive idiot. So, uh, Wednesday, OH. Well portsburgh court had flat inspections so joe and I woke up at like 10:30 to a message from emma saying that the person (council or whatever) was right near us and that we should maybe SCRAM so we did and then went over to E.C.A and I sat on the desk and sort of slept and then we went to LOOK sandwiches, which I believe may just be the graphic crew’s regular lunching venue but it doubles as my new boyfriend because I love their food. So. Also actually there is a second hand bookstore next door that I want to remember to go to!! SOMEBODY REMIND ME!!! So then we went there and came back and joe had to go in to his crit so I came home and can’t remember much else of the afternoon but then we went to three French hens, aKA the graphics Christmas party, which was at the bowery in uber cold times. The bowery is like an old church and it was sickeningly fun and they served drinks in tiny teacups and joe fell through a door which was hilarious and there were very pretty fairy lights and I banged my head in a café and the owner gave me a free cookie to compensate. Which is nice! Yay Edinburgh! So then we came home and went to sleep and then it was THURSDAY!!!

On which day we went to the german markets MY ONE TRUE LOVE. At which I drank fire punch, this really hot wine with fruit and spices (not mulled wine, never mulled wine) and felt very happy, and also ate a massive waffle with chocolate sauce and cinnamon cream, and also ate cinnamon stars and generally gained 700 kg. then at home we came home and maybe watched a movie but I can’t remember. We probably had amazing soup for dinner a lot of these nights but I have now forgotten and will NEVER REMEMBER.

So then on Friday… I think we went in to town but I truly forgot. So anyway james jessiman joe’s friend came up on Friday afternoon which was cool because he is from York and so is joe and they are friends and have fun times…and also he could come to the sculpture party!!WeEEeheEWW! which joe kept saying was the party event of the year but I find it hard to evaluate such a thing. Uhhhh. So.

We went to the sculpture party and I wore some dress I bought in London, I thought you might want to know that detail, and got incredibly drunk and probably attacked some innocent bystanders… and then I hung with vera for a little(sorry vera! I love you!) and then me and joe came out and I had rank mulled wine which I gave to somebody else and he had a…snack? I forgot what it was. And then he decided we had to go back to 502 so we did and lay in the hall very sad times because we didn’t have a key so the lady came up and quizzed joe on his own details and then let us in and then we slept for ever or at least joe did I probably partied on the internet or something cool.

So. Then it was Saturday!! And we woke up and um, it was fake Christmas so we did fun Christmas things like go buy really cool food and be chillin in the food hall and then we cooked an amazing Christmas dinner and watched annie hall and were HUGE chubbies and then me, james and joe caught a train to Glasgow that night and went to house parties and brought an imaginary friend and I met nice York crew members and it was nice. So then um yesterday we were in Glasgow and we walked around a lot and saw a gallery to sit down and went to some Christmas fete or fair or fayre and everybody was tired so then after going to a very catastrophic diner called Dino’s which was mean and weird we caught the train back and james put on elf ears and there was a really cute lady on our train and then that night james left and I ate soup for dinner and then we watched Trees lounge with chloe sevigny aka joe’s girlfriend (or he wishes) and steve buscemi and then went to bed late and then slept and then woke up late and ran to the train like hurried hurrying people.

UM so that’s Edinburgh. This is 1928 words already sorry. But I love Edinburgh and love all my new amazing friends and am totally enamoured with everything but at the same time feel sad because it will ALL END BABEZ. But whatever. Hsc results LOL.

Um back in London though, on Friday night I went out with Hannah and Jamie from York and sumo as well and we went to drapers bar which is like student union and it was so bad that it was just really hilarious and a+++ and I had a super fun time and love everybody. Except I left my scarf and umbrella, sad. Stained with vom. Nice one me.

So…..then on the other days I guess I did things that I can’t remember and I need to sleep REALLY badly so I will leave you here my kind readers. Love you. XXX

Thursday, November 27, 2008

HI !!!!!!!!!! FROM LONDON!!!!!!#
alright if I am typing oddly, it's because the enter key and the hash key are really clos etogether and my fat fingers cannot properly traverse them. SO!!! Today is ... thursday, i think, we got here yesterday morning at like 6:00 am, which was cool, and the underground is very fast and rickety and everything is vry cold.
so! so! my flights were full of food (vegetarian food is fun on planes i learned) and cake and babies .. so many babies on our planes... but most of all they lacked sleep and i watched sex and the city movie and abuot 40 episodes of that and some show about criminals called criminal minds, which really was not very good. i even watched family guy. the person next to me(a middle aged british man) got very amused by Creature comforts and was chortling a lot which was distracting. soooooooo anyway we caught the tube (which cost 4 pounds, mmmmmmmmmmmmm pounds) to bayswater after i took us to several wrong stations .. and put our luggage away (paddington/notting hill/whatever is very cool i like it. but i like everything here)
so THEN after that we went and had some enormous thing called an english breakfast which mum was convinced was a tin of tea but really it was heaps of fried stuff. so.....we had that...and then we went to london eye (but not on it), big ben, st james park, buckingham palace, trafalgar square, national gallery, somerset house, covent garden, admiralty arch..
st james park had squirrels. and i now want one as a pet/best friend/partner in crime. there were so many! and they are really fat. so cute!! so cute!!!!!! i wish i were a squirrel.
i've just remembered i need to go upstairs again and get my map. ugh
anyway. so london eye was moving a little bit and very slowly and that was really all there was to it. big ben was ..big... st james park, as aforementioned, had squirrels, but it was VERY PRETTY but maybe not as nice as hyde park where i'm about to go. anyway. uhhhh. buckingham palace was bigger than anything ever( everything here is quite big. or maybe i shrunk on the plane?) trafalgar square was ENORMOUS, seriously, the lions at nelsons column were pretty much aslan's brothers (from another mother as mark would say) . ... also pret a manger, whatever that is, was on like 3 of trafalgar square's 6 corners. which seemed excessive. and mcdonalds is a bit weird and pretentious here, situated in terraces and cafe facades etc? it's mcdonalds??!
somerset hous was of course AMAZING, AMAZING i cannot wait to go ice skating there, there was a huge tree with ice skates on it as ornaments (fake ones, or it would be dangerous. obviously). also we went to the royal courts of justice.... where i will WORK one day. being a lawyer ETC.
and then covent garden, which was pretty much a let down. except i bought ear muffs. but i could buy them anywhere really, covent garden just had footballers scarves and that's not cool . i saw an american apparel and for the first time in my life resisted going in........ good on me i say. national gallery had some amazing picture but i forgot the artist and the name so mentioning it is fairly futile/
i cannot remember anything else we slept from like 4pm ------> 6 am (with a 1am WAKEUP, hi, hi) and now i am hungry for a banana themed breakfast ... so i will walk down to bayswater road and go visit my best friend peter pan in hyde park. okay . so bye bye sydney friends!!! and maybe edinburgh / york / other friends if you are reading this and getting super excited!! (not as excited as me.)
i am going to everywhere ever today and want to have cider at the swan tonight GOD im so excited for cider. it sounds so good. anyway bye bye. xxxxxxxx
ps. it is like 2 degrees.

Monday, November 24, 2008

are you there god? It's me, margaret

well its now 10:35pm, i have to wash the dye that's still on my face (cool look) off and brush my teeth and clear my bed, but other than that i am PACKED + reADY-times!!!!! Vivienne is coming over tomorrow morning I think, hopefully to give me a large wad of cash but failing that she might entertain me among the crazy Pattinson holiday havoc!! 
so now I have to go do those things, good news in that my ipod is finally synchronising, bad news in that I ate vegemite toast, "Australian blend" tea and a lamington in a bid to cement my food loyalty to Australia and as a result feel very sick. but the sickness must also be a bit of excitement!! maybe even a lot of it!!
so i will talk to you all soon, i am sure you are all (well, some of you maybe not because you are at the formal) thinking of this next entry that i will write with bated breath, well, ME TOO..

we leave tomorrow

i am web checked in!! HI WORLD!