Thursday, December 25, 2008

(i wish that they were all) california girls

10.30 pm in london christmas day. OKAY . okay. HI!!!
so since we last spoke stuff has happened in the way of my birthday, and christmas, and general misdemeanours.
well since that blog post that i posted Joe and I went out on oxford st but absolutely everything was closed and it was bad times and then in the morning I threw a big tantrum (sorry) but IT TURNED OUT OKAY and I got a claddagh ring from Hugh and sue and a squirrel ring (but not a marriage ring from either hugh sue or joe or mark - idiots) from joe and it was good times!! !
for morning tea we went (me and joe and billy) to a cafe for coffee, then joe and i went to patisserie valerie in covent garden at which we at eour own body weight in buttery snacks (lemon tart, strawberry tart, croissant and jam, coffee, and vanilla milkshake) and joe bought a gingery friend for rog skilton, his dad, but it got broken and that wasn't good really BUT THE REST OF IT WAS, following in our fondly established pattern of eating so much that we couldn't move. so then i went over to notting hill gate to my parents apartment thing, and found out that my hilarious father had serously contemplated going to kings cross to observe me and joe and so that is really weird and odd and scary but he didn't so i guess it's ok. so then for lunch we went to the national portrait gallery and to the portrait restaurant on the top, and i had an annie liebovitz cocktail and christmas food, and generally got big and fat and chubby as is my favourite activity. BUT IT WAS BEAUTIFUL you could see trafalgar square, big ben, the eye, and across central london and we sat RIGHT near where clive owen and julia roberts sat oh YES COOL. yum. closer.

then after that i can't really remember anything so i guess i came home and lay down and expired like the old man i am. oh i guess we walked through regent st and stuff, and i went to uniqlo ahhhhhhhhhhhh i am bad and um yeah then we came home.

the next DAY we went on the london eye YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH THAT WAS GOOD GOOD GOOD and pretty and then went to the globe which was not so good but a good experience OF COURSE, tried to get some LEAR TRINKETS but failed; i took mark to cyber candy and was buying big red (and tried to get little buckets of lucky charms for 1 pound 70 p but they were all sold out!!! SAD!!!! wanted to give as gifts, heartbreak) and warheads and butterfinger blah blah and mark had a big tantrum and threw a jumbo -size hot dog made of mallow on the ground and started crying so that was mildly humiliating/bad.

OK then we went to MAOZ and stuffed our faces but it was like 10 pounds and i dont know why (U) HEART BREAK. and i went to the nice spirits store and got absinthe and sake THAT WAS FUN as the guy was weird and asked me about wales in the summer because he thought i was from there? WTF? ANywaYAFYFyff then LATER ON , mum and mark and dad all had a fight so we went home. love that fam.

so um

yeah then the next day was the 23rd, when we just shopped all day and i went to american apparel and gap with dad and i HATE MONEY ITS BAD . NOO . NOOoo also that was the day i first had m&S chocolate raisins, oh my god, anyway uhhhhhhhhh. . .. . . so
we went to the tower of london then too , & tower bridge and umm

221b baker st yesterday, and yeah then we jsut got christmas food and i went to artbox and got penguin earmuffs and hello kitty gloves (my xmas presents) and generally felt not-so-festive-at-all. ummm then i went for drinks and had strawberry beer MMM fun tTIMEEMESS

my typing is bad because i feel UNENTHUSIASTIC

so today was christmas, i wokeu p to an episode of friends, and then we went for a really long walk to harrods sand SHIT, and hyde park, yes also after that we had christmas dinner which was EPIC and i ate basically a whole pudding, disgusting , then we also had chocolate and champagne and fruit and now i want to vomit just thinking of it. also i had really bad PAIN IN MY WOMB . : ( so i had to sleep away some of harry potter watching time , heartbreak, ummm

then ........ !!!! THEN!11.... we went walking down portobello road in a father-daughter bonding session and bought kiwifruit. OK hi kiwi fruit it was all squashy and bad. and ummm

watched bad tv

AND THAT WA CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BYE NOW .


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"rog skilton" - thats the funniest thingEVER


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